Central Road Sewer Project

The City has secured a contractor (Dimeo Brothers) to complete a sanitary sewer improvement project on Central Road in Rolling Meadows.  The project consists of installing approximately 1,700 linear feet of 8-inch-diameter PVC sanitary sewer, seven (7) manholes, and reconnection of 29 services; along with restoration of driveways, sidewalk and right-of-ways.

Currently, a twenty-one (21) inch interceptor sewer main serves the home on Central Road with a depth of approximately twenty-three (23) feet between Jay Lane and its connection to the MWRD sewer near Wren Lane.  This makes service repairs extremely costly and hazardous to repair.  The City will be installing a new, shallower sewer main and reconnecting the services at a depth of approximately eight - nine feet.

This project will not only improve reliability, but will also greatly reduce infiltration of stormwater into the sewer main.  Due to the line's depth and proximity to the water table of Salt Creek, infiltration in this area is believed to be significant.  Infiltration is when ground water from outside the sewer enters the sewer line through cracks and joints that have failed over time.  The costs of treatment, and subsequently user bills, increase with the treatment of storm water.  Reducing inflow and infiltration in sanitary sewer lines is a benefit to all system users.  The contractor will b installing plastic lines through with gasket joints to virtually eliminate this concern on the main and service connections.

The project will start the week of September 19, 2016, and is expected to last approximately six (6) weeks, weather dependent.

During the project there will no parking on Central Road between Jay Lane and Wren Lane, Monday through Friday, between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM.  Crosswalks will be delineated as the sidewalk on the north side of Central Road will be closed during this construction.

Central Road will remain open in both directions during construction, but with restricted lane widths.  Please drive slow and use caution when driving though the construction zone.  If you can choose an alternate route to your destination, it is encouraged.

As a reminder, please talk to your children about the dangers of playing near excavations, equipment and material stockpiles.  With your patience and cooperation, the project will proceed smoothly.

Project Update - Week of 10/10/2016
The Contractor completed the east end of the project.  On Tuesday, the contractor began the sanitary sewer main installation from the mid-point heading west.  Despite the rain on Thursday, the contractor was still able to install over 300 feet of sanitary sewer main line and reinstate four sanitary sewer services.

As a result of the resident's patience and cooperation with Staff and the Contractor, the schedule indicates that the sewer installation is anticipated to be completed by the end of next week.

Following completion of the sewer installation, the contractor, City staff, and the engineer will meet to discuss the upcoming schedule required for the sewer main testing, site restoration, side walk restoration, asphalt patching and stabilization.