Learn About

  1. Curfew

    A curfew for residents 16 years of age and under is enforced by the City.

  2. Driver's Licenses & Plates

    Out-of-state residents have 90 days in which to obtain an Illinois driver's license.

  3. Garage Sales

    Garage sales do not require a permit, but City ordinances do require certain guidelines be followed.

  4. Homeowner Safety

    If a repair person or service person knocks on your door without an appointment, follow these safety tips to protect yourself, your home, and your property.

  5. Lawn Sprinkling

    Lawn sprinkling is prohibited between Noon to 6 p.m. between May 15 to September 15.

  6. House & Mailbox Numbers

    Please post address numbers clearly on your house or mailbox. Every second counts during a fire, medical or police emergency.

  7. Open Burning

    Burning of garbage or other debris is prohibited within the City limits.

  8. Refuse Calendar