Public Safety Services

  1. Animal Control

    The City of Rolling Meadows encourages public education when dealing with all wild animals.

  2. Emergency Medical Services

    The Emergency Medical Services Division serves a community of over 24,000 residents and a daytime population that more than doubles as people report to work at the businesses in our community.

  3. Fingerprinting Services

    Fingerprinting services are available for Rolling Meadows residents or people who work in Rolling Meadows.

  4. Freedom of Information Requests

    The City of Rolling Meadows and the Rolling Meadows Police Department recognize the public's right to know information.

  5. Knox Box Program

    A Knox Box is a hardened steel case that fits over a resident’s door that can only be accessed by on-duty firefighting and medical personnel.

  6. Property & Evidence

    Rolling Meadows residents are encouraged to contact the Rolling Meadows Police Department whenever they find lost property, such as bicycles, weapons, jewelry and personal items. You may also inquire about lost property to see if it has been located.

  7. Request Accident Reports

    You can now purchase accident reports online.