Licenses & Permits

  1. Building Inspections

    The Community Development Department requires inspections to ensure code compliance. A minimum of 24-hour notice is required to schedule an inspection.

  2. Business Licensing

    All businesses located within the City of Rolling Meadows must have a current business license.

  3. Contractor Licenses

    Review the bond and license requirements for contractors in the City of Rolling Meadows.

  4. Development Forms & Applications

    View handouts, permit applications, and forms for various programs of the Community Development Department.

  5. Environmental Health

    Environmental health focuses on inspections of food service establishments, swimming pools, daycare facilities, temporary food events, and mobile vendors.

  6. Home Occupation Permits

    A home occupation is an accessory use (or special use) within a dwelling unit carried on by the occupant(s) residing on the premises.

  7. Permit Process

    Review the permit application process and turnaround time for applications.